Our Technology Infrastructure

TTG’s core infrastructure utilises state-of-the-art hardware and software to provide a low-latency and extremely robust environment for our ISV solutions. In order to achieve the highest standards of service delivery the Group maintains its own technology infrastructure.

TTG operates from two Data Centres in the UK and co‐location facilities in Frankfurt (for EUREX) and Chicago (for ICE and CME Group). The network and infrastructure is designed with full resilience in mind without compromising the low latency requirements of our demanding user base.

The most widely used trading platforms at TTG are shown below, although alternative solutions will be considered on a case by case basis:

  • Trading Technologies
  • Stellar Trading Systems
  • CQG Trader
  • WebICE & Mobile
  • Fidessa
  • Real Time Systems
  • EasyScreen

Connectivity options include local TTG office LAN, VPN and private lines.

Designed for Traders by Traders

Delivering superior customer service is a core principle at TTG. The founders and management team understand the demands placed on traders, and that technology is an enabler that should be leveraged to make a trade more efficient, not more complex.

Through close liaison with our vendors as well as third party resources we help our traders extract the full potential of each professional platform.

Which ISV Is right for You? A TRADER – AS GOOD AS HIS TOOLS?

TT’s X_Trader offers single click trading, synthetic order types and integrated charting across a broad range of venues. X_Trader Pro adds an automated server-based spread engine; API access and strategy automation courtesy of “Algo Design Lab”.
Stellar offer both Standard and Pro versions of their feature-rich front end. With a ladder-based single-click order entry method, synthetic order types and charting as Standard, plus co-location available for inter- and intra-exchange spread strategies with the Pro licence.
A cost effective internet-based trading solution, particularly suited to strategies requiring extensive historical data and access to CQG’s considerable library of technical studies/indicators. Access to market data feeds independent of clearing access (for example cash indices, FX quotes etc) is a key strength of CQG, along with its advanced charting functionality.
Breadth of market access sets Fidessa apart from many of its rivals, with support for the key global derivatives and cash equities markets.
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