About Tower Trading Group (TTG)

Incorporated in 2008 and headquartered at Tower42 in the City of London, TTG now supports over 300 active traders across the globe, at locations including Canada, South Africa, Ireland, Spain, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Singapore, UAE and India. Via its preferred clearers the company traded over 40 million lots last year across the futures markets of Europe and the US.

TTG remains independent of any single clearer or large corporate and the safeguarding and integrity of funds via the Company’s preferred clearers is paramount. Through diverse partnerships and commercial relationships we are uniquely positioned to deliver bespoke commercial and technical solutions for the professional trader.

Designed for Traders by Traders

TTG is majority owned and managed by experienced trading professionals. Like you, they demand service and standards of consistent high quality. In today’s turbulent economic environment, we deliver a robust, financially and technically secure platform upon which our traders can place absolute trust.

TTG’s trading architecture is owned, managed and supported in house, by a dedicated team of experienced trading technology professionals. This independence ensures that we can maintain the highest standards of service delivery and support in the demanding world of low latency trading.

Why choose TTG?

TTG’s independence means that we are not limited by any one clearer’s market reach, supported ISV platforms or risk profile.
TTG achieves superior commercials with clearers and vendors through economies of scale, delivering favourable terms for our traders.
TTG’s entire business is trader facilitation. Our sole focus is delivering the best possible trading experience via technology, environment and support – without the distraction of myriad business divisions and bureaucratic layers of management.
We offer our traders a wide range of office locations, either within TTG’s own primary trading hubs of London, Brentwood and Dublin, or via satellite sites operated through our partner groups across the globe, including Cape Town, Gibraltar and India.

A Global Perspective


Headquartered in the City of London’s Financial District, TTG now services over 300 traders across the globe in locations including the UK, Canada, South Africa, Spain, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Sweden, Dubai, India and Singapore. The company traded over 40 million lots last year across the futures markets of Europe and the US.

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